About Us

BiletovPachka.com is a modern, convenient and reliable way of booking tickets for concerts, performances, musicals and various sports events in any city in the USA! Here you can buy tickets not only for Russian-language cultural events but also for Broadway musicals, as well as for concerts of stars with world names.

BiletovPachka.com is also the latest news from the world of show business on both sides of the ocean. We try to do everything possible to make the pleasure of visiting your favorite artist's concert started with the purchase of a ticket!

Only BiletovPachka.com gives a unique opportunity to become a member of a monthly lottery, a winner who receives a gift for a trip to one of the Caribbean islands from our partner, the travel agency Cinderella Travel! All you need to do to become a member is to register on the site to buy any ticket through the BiletovPachka.com service.

Our operators are always ready to answer all your questions.

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